Friday, August 29, 2014

New Year, New Friends, Great Teachers, and Great Grades

Hi! I'm Jamie. I'm a tenth grade student and this is my honors history blog. Going into my second year of high school, I'm excited to have an awesome year with great teachers.

A great teacher is someone who makes the class fun and exciting. Learning in ways that are new to me is never boring. One of my favorite teachers, Mr. Dentremont, made his history class fun and exciting by always having new assignments. For each topic we learned about there was always a new activity to do. The variety made the class enjoyable. I especially liked doing podcasts and sensory images because I had never done them before. It was interesting to learn using a new method. I also liked taking cornell notes. For my growth in any class I find it extremely helpful to have notes to look back on.

In class on the first day, we watched this video by John Green. In his video he talked about our job as students. I agree with his points about my duty as a student. I think it is important to someday give back to the people who are paying taxes so that I can get the education I do. I'm very fortunate to go to school everyday, so I really to put in a lot of effort towards my academics. to ensure that I do so I've set some goals for myself. I would like to maintain an A or B average in all of my classes. This will be a challenge, but I know I can do it if I really focus and put more time and effort into my schoolwork. I also made athletic, artistic, and social goals for myself. My athletic goal is to win a lot of volleyball matches this season. My team and I will have to put a lot of hard work into practices. This year my artistic goal is to create cool pieces in my graphics class. I hope to do this by paying a lot of attention in class and asking for help when I need it. And lastly my social goal is to make new friends. I've already made a few new friends through volleyball, so if I continue to get involved I hope I'll be able to attain this goal. With my new friends, great teachers, and my volleyball team we can all work hard to accomplish our goals and accept our duty as students.